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Who We Are

We are your pet's best buddies. 

When you need to be out of town and can't take your best buddy with you, we would love to be there for them.  In house sleep-overs for the comfort of your pets are easily arranged.

Meet the Team


Loved by our four and two legged clients alike, Marilyn is a trained cynologist (the real dog-whisperer).  Her extensive background working with pets has her in constant demand.  As a walker, sleep-buddy and trained veterinary technician.... she does it all.  We wish we could clone her!



Owner of five dogs, and a former breeder of Shih-tzus, Paul is their defender and voice. His passion for our friends shows in his caring and active, unswerving drive to support no-kill and pet adoption shelters across the country.



We Support These No Kill Shelters
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(646) 320-8904


Mail / Office: Box 664, Sheffield, MA 01257

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