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Our Services

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Can't get home for dinner? New puppy? Spur of the moment movie date?

ThePampered.Pet staff can make a customized visit to your home. 

Private leash walks in your neighborhood.

 Playtime or Kitty clean up visits.

 Meals and meds served and monitored

 Puppy care and socializing.

Dog Walks

We know just how much you love your dog, and with us they'll be treated like royalty every time we come to visit with them.  Even if it's just a short day visit. Puppies and seniors welcome!

Cat Care

Your cat's special and we understand just how much you want your cat to feel at home in their own home.  We have trained staff that know how to take care of your cat.

Us Too!

Wondering what to do about your favorite guppy, bunny or parrot?  Well fret no more, because we've got all of your pet-sitting needs taken care of with our caring staff.

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