We Love Our Pet Sitter!

"My name is Bela. I am so happy now. I live in a comfy home with my own humans. I chose them myself! I used to be a feral cat. Yep! I was caught, neutered and released. My clipped ear proves it. I lived outside for the longest time. Then I found a magical garden. My people built me a heated house and fed me for five years!! Then, last Christmas, I decided to take a chance. I came inside. And I love my life. Marilyn at The Pampered.Pet is my kitty-sitter when my family is away for a day or two. Although I don't allow her to pet me yet, I'm considering it. Tune in and I'll keep you posted.
By the way; there's no place like home!"

Dr. M. Dunn


“Marilyn at ThePampered.Pet has taken care of my greyhound Madrid for at least three years and I recommend them highly. Having been a vet tech as well as a human EMT, Marilyn is completely calm, adept, and knowledgeable in face of any emergency. ThePampered.Pet is incredibly reliable, and anytime an emergency does come up with another of their pets, they communicate promptly, succinctly, and with a solution (for example, calling in one of their back-up walkers, all of whom I also trust). In addition, they are also associated with vets that makes house calls. Day to day, they are flexible, cheerful, and prompt; they send great text updates on the work with my dog. In addition to walking Madrid, Marilyn lives in when I am traveling. For the quality of service and peace of mind Marilyn and ThePampered.Pet gives, their rates are incredibly reasonable. You cannot go wrong with Marilyn Sanchez and ThePampered.Pet.” 

Christine Deussen

NYC, Lower East Side

"The Pampered.Pet took expert care of our two very different dogs.  One of our dogs, Lola, was a large and headstrong bulldog with her own ideas about when it was appropriate to chase pigeons, but they handled her with ease.  They also put our anxious Boston Terrier, who has a permanent case of "I must be in your lap at all times"  and dare I say, even in a good mood.

Lola could at times be dog-aggressive, but they were great at managing Lola's walks so that she never got herself into trouble.  What makes them stand out in addition to their competence is their caring.  We never doubted for a second that they cared for our dogs as they would for their own.  This was never more apparent than when Lola became ill and it was time to say good-bye.  They assisted the vet we worked with, and their caring for Lola and her compassion for us at that awful time was something absolutely invaluable.  Your pets will always be in great hands with The Pampered.Pet !"



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